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Elevate Your Child's Emotional Intelligence through Customized Parent-Child Coaching

  • For parents with Pre-K to 6th Graders
  • Evidence-based and science-based curriculums designed by educators, school counselors, LCSW, LMFT, and other CBT practitioners

Hoppity Learning is a coaching and teaching service, and we do not provide therapy or medical services (SB577).


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Leading SEL Assessment

(U.S. Children National Level)

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Medical & Research


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What are You Experiencing?

Say Goodbye to Power Struggles and Hello to Harmony!
Our Expert Coaches Teach Kids Essential Skills to Express Themselves, Show Empathy, Manage Tantrums, Manage Time, Resolve Conflicts, and Much More!

What is Your Child Experiencing?

As a Parent,
You Want Your Child to Thrive in Today's World.

Our Program Equips Children with the Essential Skills to Successfully Navigate Life's Challenges, from Making New Friends to Standing Up to Bullies.  

Does Your Child Have Lots of Positive Experiences?

Positive Experiences
Healthy Brain Development

Important Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs):​

  1. Being Able to Share Feelings with Family Members

  2. Feeling Supported by Family Members During Difficult Times

  3. Feeling Supported by Friends

  4. Feeling Belonged to a Community

  5. Having a Stable, Consistent, Supportive, and Responsive Relationship with at Least One Adult

Does Your Child Have Skills to Turn Negative Experiences into Positive Experiences?

Chronic Negative Experiences
(Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACEs)
Brain Architectures

Common Negative Childhood Experiences
(Especially Gifted Children):​

  1. Unresolved Conflicts with Parents and Siblings

  2. Emotional Tantrums Triggered by Anger/Anxiety/Disappointment

  3. Trouble Fitting In

  4. Being Bullied 

  5. Neglect

Sad Girl
Human Brain

By the time children become teenagers, 2 in 5 
persistently feels hopeless and 1 in 5 has a suicide plan

(CDC, 2021)

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We Care about You and Your Child

  • We are a group of passionate professionals (educator/licensed clinical social worker/licensed marriage and family therapist/play therapist/school counselor) with degrees from

    • Stanford University,

    • UC Berkeley,

    • MIT,

    • Chinese University of Hong Kong,

and other research institutions, who want to help your child thrive.

  • OUR SOLUTION is based on the latest

    • Child Development and

    • Brain Development research studies

that provide the BEST OUTCOME for your child. 

Ready to Help Your Child?

We Provide Private Online Parent-Child Coaching
(Pre-K to 6th Grade) to: 

  • Teach your child to resolve conflicts at home and at school with a healthy boundary

  • Regulate your child’s strong emotions

  • Train your child to share feelings and thoughts with parents

  • Boost your child’s confidence with a growth mindset 

  • Equip your child with social skills like empathy and assertiveness

  • Foster positive characters such as integrity

  • Build your child's resilience 


  • Nurture an intimate parent-child relationship

  • Support a healthy brain development in your child

  • Empower you to become your child's SEL & life coach to help your child succeed