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Our proven, education-based method empowers children's emotional intelligence while building an unbreakable parent-child connection.

We help parents raise social-emotionally intelligent and self-motivated children built upon strong parent-child connections, via online 1:1 parent-child coaching and curriculum.

  • For parents with Pre-K to 6th Graders
  • Teachings and tools developed by certified educators and school counselors working with kids every day.

Hoppity Learning is a coaching and teaching service, and we do not provide therapy or medical service (SB577).

What are You Experiencing?

Human Brain

By the time children become teenagers, 2 in 5 
persistently feels hopeless and 1 in 5 has a suicide plan

(CDC, 2021)

What is Your Child Experiencing?

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"It is tough for children to transition to a new environment, whether it's a new school or a new sibling. This five-year-old Hoppity kid learned to express his feelings of abandonment when his younger sister was born. Since then, both the Hoppity parents and kid have learned how to share their feelings and understand each other more."

Transitioning to New Environments

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"When a child loses a game or encounters difficulties when learning a new skill, they may feel very frustrated or even angry. This six-year-old hoppity kid who used to throw fits of anger learned techniques on how to cool down."

Overcoming New Challenges

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"What do you do when your two closest friends at school say, 'You are my best friend' one day and then the next day say 'You are not my friend anymore'? This seven-year-old Hoppity kid told them that 'It hurt my feelings!' and went to make new friends. Guess what? The next day, one of the previous friends came back to apologize."

Trying to Make Friends and Fit In

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"When a classmate kept kicking this eight-year-old Hoppity kid's chair, she said 'Stop!' to the classmate and reported the incident to the teacher. She was so happy to resolve the issue using the assertive skills she learned in her Hoppity Learning classes and proudly shared the experience with her parents.

Standing Up to Bullies

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"This ten-year-old Hoppity kid, who used to have problems working with his group mates and basketball teammates, recently told his dad that 'disagreements don't have to lead to arguments.' Through Hoppity Learning, he learned how to share his opinions in a calm voice."

Learning to Collaborate


"What do you do when your child cries every day?" This five-year-old who used to cry and express her anger with hitting learned to say, "I feel angry because you broke my toy!" No more fighting at home and at school.

Dumping Big Emotions

Hoppity Learning

Our proven, education-based tools and methods help develop emotionally intelligent kids while building an unbreakable parent-child connection.

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