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Reviews from Trustpilot:

"When we first signed up for Hoppity Learning’s classes, the focus was on giving my child some structured learning experience during the pandemic, not knowing all of us in the family would benefit and grow together. During each session, the coach listens actively for success and challenges during our parenting journey. She observes my 3-year-old girl’s learning style and personality when making suggestions. She provides resources and tips that are easily accessible and implementable at home. With the weekly sessions, my child has become more verbal with her requests, increased attention in reading, and shown more interest for learning. There is less crying and tantrums in our household now. The coach is also incredibly encouraging and supportive of us parents. As reserved Asians, acknowledging our own achievements have not been easy. She celebrates our progress with us no matter how minor it may seem - this turns into major empowerment that propels us to continue growing in the parenting journey. We just attended a free webinar about Play Therapy from Hoppy Learning’s other coach last week and it was equally eye opening. We recommend the service of Hoppity Learning’s resourceful and well rounded coaches to all parents."

- The Huangs