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Parent Child Coaching

Unlock Your Child's Hidden Potential:
Develop Their Emotional Intelligence for 
School Success WITHOUT Stress


  • For Parents of Pre-K to 8th Graders
  • Raising a child is a journey, but navigating emotions and building strong communication can be tricky. That's where we come in!
  • Hoppity Learning: An expert-led curriculum (EQ specialists, therapists, school counselors, teachers) designed by parents (Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, CUHK) to empower YOU to help your child succeed!
  • Available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish

Happy Father's Day

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  • Is this for me too? Absolutely! You'll learn valuable communication skills to connect with your child's inner world and hear struggles they might not have shared before.

  • What if my child's hesitant? 

  • Is it fun? Kids get to know your childhood stories! Play games, learn skills, and build trust as your child team up with you to succeed!


Ready to support your child's school success while creating a more peaceful, connected family?

What is Your Child Experiencing?


"Initially anxious about kindergarten, this 5-year-old found it hard to adapt and participate. Exploring different coping skills at Hoppity Learning with his mom, they discovered muscle relaxation worked best for him. This helped him overcome his anxiety, and now he eagerly looks forward to school, actively engaging and enjoying every school day."

Transitioning to New Environments

(E.g., new school, new sibling)


"When a child loses a game or faces challenges in learning new skills, feelings of frustration or anger can emerge. This six-year-old Hoppity kid, previously prone to fits of anger, learned cooling down techniques from Hoppity Learning. Additionally, he acquired skills to enhance his confidence and tackle new challenges, enabling him to complete his homework more efficiently."

Overcoming New Challenges

(E.g., homework, self-control on screen time)

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"What do you do when your two closest friends at school say, 'You are my best friend one day and then the next day say 'You are not my friend anymore'? This seven-year-old Hoppity kid told them that 'It hurts my feelings!' and went to make new friends. Guess what? The next day, one of the former friends came back to apologize."

Trying to Make Friends and Fit In

(E.g., overcoming "shyness", confidence to join in)


"After a classmate kept kicking her chair, an eight-year-old Hoppity student said 'Stop!' and informed her teacher. Yet, the mistreatment persisted, with further exclusion from activities. Seeking help, she discussed the situation with her Hoppity coach and brainstormed solutions with her parents. Using her assertive and friendship skills from Hoppity Learning, she resolved the conflict and made new friends."

Standing Up to Bullies

(E.g., discerning good/toxic friends, be assertive)


"This ten-year-old Hoppity kid, who used to have problems working with his group mates and basketball teammates, recently told his dad that 'disagreements don't have to lead to arguments.' Through Hoppity Learning, he learned how to share his opinions in an assertive voice rather than an aggressive voice with his teammates."

Learning to Collaborate

(E.g., disagreements in team sports/projects)


"What do you do when your child cries every day?" This five-year-old who used to cry and express her anger with hitting learned to say, "I feel angry because you broke my toy!" No more fighting at home and at school.

Dumping Big Emotions

(E.g., sibling rivalry, not following directions)

Hoppity's EQ Focus for School Success
with Strong Parent-Child Connections

It's amazing to see the positive impact the coach have had on our child. My daughter is more confident and willing to take on new challenges and making new friends. A heartfelt thank you to the entire team, we are overjoyed with the outcome of our time with Hoppity Learning!!!

My daughter has improved so much since she first took Hoppity. Recently we just had a parent-teacher conference at her school, the teacher spoke highly on my daughter’s social behaviors, she was able to speak up when she’s not being treated right, and there were many other examples. 

Now we are in the stage of building self-confidence. He was relatively passive about his homework. These days, Forrest does his homework obviously faster, and he can even finish his homework at school. We celebrate in time. That also gives him encouragement.

One thing we had been struggling with our son was how long it took him to finish his dinner, sometimes up to an hour…During the session, he let us know that he needed 45 mins, but he ended up finishing eating within 30 mins two weeks in a row!


Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 8.52.59 AM.png

We are thrilled to announce that Hoppity Learning is the recipient of

2024 Behavioral Health Community Hero Award


County of Santa Clara, California

Behavioral Health Board (BHB)

Ready to Experience Peace and Joy?
Learn More and Enroll TODAY!

EQ Parenting Workshop

(for Parents of Ages 0 to 14)

Hoppity Learning Workshops  (18).png

$25/workshop (Value $40)

Discover healthy brain development and a magical limit-setting method:

  • End tears, set boundaries.

  • Boost confidence.

  • Ensure your child feels your love.

Small Group Multi-family

EQ Parent-Child Coaching

(for Parent and Child: Ages 4 to 14)

Screen Shot 2024-06-09 at 10.03.34 PM.png

$35/family/week (3 parent-child pairs for 50 mins) or

$45/family/week (2 parent-child pairs for 40 mins) 

with monthly 1:1 parent support 

Equip your child with EQ skills to succeed:

  • Boost confidence

  • Manage emotions.

  • Strengthen the parent-child bond.

  • Develop EQ leadership skills AI can't replace.


EQ Parent-Child Coaching

(for Parent and Child: Ages 4 to 14)

Screen Shot 2024-02-21 at 3.36.18 PM.png

$60 to $95 for 30 mins per week 

Equip your child with EQ skills to succeed:

  • Boost confidence

  • Manage emotions.

  • Strengthen the parent-child bond.

  • Develop EQ leadership skills AI can't replace.


After receiving Hoppity's EQ Parent-Child coaching:

90%+ of Hoppity Parents reported a positive change in their own and their children's behaviors! 

97%+ of Hoppity Kids reported a closer connection with their parents!

Emotional Intelligence, taught by Hoppity's coaches,
improves academic performance by 11%, such as improving from B+ to A+!
(Department of Education, 2008)


Positive Global Impacts

Screen Shot 2024-03-27 at 5.15.04 PM.png

Parent Education
via KTSF TV station to
2.75 millions US Households

Screen Shot 2024-03-27 at 6.24.12 PM.png

Interactive Workshops to
Teachers and Parents in
3 Countries

Screen Shot 2024-01-01 at 8.46.37 PM.png

Parent-Child Coaching in 3 Languages were Delivered to 7 Ethnicities

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