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Hear from real parents, kids,  and teachers about how Hoppity Learning helped them!

What the Kids are Saying

What Do these Kids Say about Hoppity?

Thank You Dad for Being my Life Coach!

"I learned from the session with my dad that I should use an assertive voice, not an aggressive voice."

-Hoppity Kid, Jonathan

What Our Customers Are Saying About

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Hoppitylearning provided a great learning experience for both parents and children. I had a good relationship building experience with my children.

I strongly recommend this for families who inherited foreign traditional parenting methods, got lost in the culture shock in the States, and are looking for ways to understand, communicate, and fill the gaps.

I found the class very helpful. I discovered from the class that most parents are dealing with similar issues with their children, and so my issues are not unique. and it helped a lot to learn in class how a child grows and matures in his/her capabilities over the years, and thus helps me to set up correct expectations. More importantly, the class offered practical tips in how to be a teacher of my kid, how to deal with the issues and how to improve my communications/relationships with my kid. Thumbs up!

What Parents are Saying

What Do These Parents Say about Hoppity?

We Encourage Each Other

"After Hoppity, we are now open to talk about all emotions. I can see a big difference in my son's behavior and in myself."

-Hoppity Dad, Soni

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