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Hoppitylearning provided a great learning experience for both parents and children. I had a good relationship building experience with my children.

I strongly recommend this for families who inherited foreign traditional parenting methods, got lost in the culture shock in the States, and are looking for ways to understand, communicate, and fill the gaps.

I found the class very helpful. I discovered from the class that most parents are dealing with similar issues with their children, and so my issues are not unique. and it helped a lot to learn in class how a child grows and matures in his/her capabilities over the years, and thus helps me to set up correct expectations. More importantly, the class offered practical tips in how to be a teacher of my kid, how to deal with the issues and how to improve my communications/relationships with my kid. Thumbs up!

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Hoppity Learning Testimony

Understanding our feelings and knowing our strengths are definitely fundamentals to manage our emotions and have a positive self-esteem. This Hoppity parent recognizes the importance of these skills, and decides to equip the child and parents together. The child becomes stronger to handle various situations even when the parents are not around. 

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Kids Love it!!!

Let's Hear Testimonies from Kids and Dads!

I have an amazing 6-year-old kid and I am very happy to share our family’s experience with Hoppity Learning.

Both my wife and I have always been well aware of the importance of social emotional learning for our child's development. It is essential for a fulfilling and happy life.

Before joining Hoppity Learning, my son would unleash his anger a few times a day. He would get mad when we forgot to give him napkin during breakfast, or he lost a family game, or from some other daily routine things.

After joining Hoppity's sessions, my son, my wife, and I practice the anger management skills, show empathy, and encourage my son to have growth mindset at least 3 times a week. Now we openly talk about all kinds of feelings and emotions in our house.

I can see a huge improvement in my son and in ourselves as well. My son would initiate to keep his anger level at level 4 out of 10, which means he will control himself to be a bit frustrated only.

He also demonstrates empathy to my wife and I daily. When I came home tired after a long day of work, my son would encourage me that soon I would be able come home early and spend more time with the family. As a parent, I love that :)

I highly recommend all families, especially dads, to join Hoppity's Sessions and engage more on the social emotional learning in addition to other education.

Dads, you are amazing and extremely important to your family, and you will make a huge difference by learning and practicing Hoppity's skills with your child and spouse.

Thank you so much to amazing coaches and instructors from Hoppity. You are the best!

Really appreciate of this professional service, it really helps our family to build up better communication skills and we learned a lots on how to show our love and encouragement to each others. I will highly recommend you to try it if needed. Thanks.

Parenting a strong willed child can truly be tiring. At one point we even considered getting professional help; but our issues are so every-day and common that we couldn't justify the cost. Hoppity Learning is the next good thing available to us!

With the Covid in much of 2020, our kids were basically learning remotely from home on ipads. Friendships and social interactions went to the minimum and essentially replacing with electronic entertainments. Purple tier in our county put extra strain onto our family when the stay at home order is in effect. With much prayers, we came across HoppityLearning.
Through the sessions, I as a parent learned the most. How critical it is to be attentive and listening to the kids’ expressions, Forcing what we think being the best might not be the most effective way of raising a stand up kid. I’m really grateful for the many interactive sessions.
Highly recommended if one were to seek helps on issues with young kids.

I joined a 7-week group session with other families. It was informational and helpful. Ms. Mon was professional and experienced at Play Therapy. In the group session, she talked about the benefits and practical tips of special playtime with the kids. She also shared her personal experiences. I understand my kids' thoughts and feeling more through practicing the communication skills Ms. Mon shared. The kids are happy to have the kid-centered special playtime. Now I know what real playtime means. Listening to how other families in the group practiced the "homework" and their challenges each week is one of the benefits of joining a group session, though I wish the group member sharing and discussion time could be longer. Hoppitylearning also offers private sessions. I didn't take them yet but I think it is a very good idea.

Our journey with Hoppity Learning has exceeded our expectations - over the course of the past five months, Ms. Jean worked with our family to explore specific growth areas that we felt are meaningful for us and our six year old. We started with a unit on Feelings, then progressed into Recognizing Strengths and Needs, Having a Growth Mindset, Assertiveness, and now we are on Setting Goals and Plans.

These are fundamentals we feel everyone needs to master and saw a great need to make sure our child has a structured, safe, and fun way of learning and applying these concepts.

Ms. Jean engaged and consulted us, gave us regular feedback, and most of all encouraged as a family. We appreciate Ms. Jean for listening to our needs, providing insightful and customized courses, and making the experience so positive.

Thank you for giving us your best!

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