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About Us

Our Mission

Build healthy brains, through strong parent-child connections, for lifelong success!

1. We equip children with essential skills to:

  • Become happy, confident, and resilient individuals

  • Have positive experiences at school and home

  • Be successful and create a better world

2. We empower parents to be that ONE person every child needs to:

  • Cheer for every small progress the child makes

  • Coach the child through life's challenges to help the child succeed

  • Support the child's healthy brain development


Featured in:

Oxford Brain Story
SEL Labs
Alberta Family Wellness Initiative
U Channel TV

Our Team

Founder & CEO
​Candy Chan

My name is Candy! I was born in Hong Kong, lived in the upper part of Canada where I could see the Northern Lights, and moved down to California to pursue sunshine and graduate studies at Stanford University. 


Reasons for starting Hoppity Learning:

Sometimes, it takes just one person who believes in you to unlock your potential. For me, that person was my father.

In 5th grade, I was more interested in TV than studying, resulting in me ranking 26th out of 30 in my class. After a parent-teacher conference, my father, instead of expressing anger or disappointment, focused on my strength of working hard and encouraged me to use this strength to overcome my weakness of being addicted to screen time. I am deeply grateful to my father for teaching me emotional intelligence skills such as managing disappointment and building self-confidence. His support and affirmation led to a remarkable improvement—I climbed to the top of my class in the next report card, surprising everyone, including myself. This experience was a turning point, eventually leading me to Stanford University.

However, Hoppity isn't about my journey—it's about empowering your child through emotional intelligence and parental support for school success without stress.

How will you shape your child's story? How will you transform your child's setbacks into triumphs?

A tragic suicide attempt by a high schooler I once taught underscored the critical importance of early emotional intelligence education and the pivotal role of parental support in shaping a child's future in competitive settings.

At Hoppity, we specialize in fostering emotional intelligence, using the latest brain science research to assist both parents and young children in achieving school success. Our goal is to equip your child with emotional intelligence skills, fostering school success without stress, and contributing to a better world!

  • Oxford Brain Story Certified

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach

  • Certified Health and Wellness Coach

  • California Childhood Development Site Supervisor Permit Holder

  • M. Div degree with training in coaching and marriage and family therapy from Western Seminary

  • Preschool teacher for ages 2 to 6 for 11+ years

  • Former Children's Ministry Supervisor at Lord's Grace Christian Church

  • Former research engineer graduated from Stanford University with 4 US granted patents


United States:

  • Preschools - Vidyarambh Preschool (Cupertino and Santa Clara Sites), New Word CDC (Sunnyvale Site), Reaching Hearts Preschool (San Jose Site)

  • Private School - Milpitas Christian School

  • Charter School - Yu Ming (multiple campuses)

  • Public School and School District - Noble Elementary School (San Jose), Redwood City School District, Clifford Elementary School Site

  • Tutoring Companies - Bilin Academy (Global), Dailies (National), eTutorWorld (Global)

  • Organizations - LBC (Los Altos), LGCC (Mountain View), RLCC (Santa Clara,) SCBC (San Jose), LCC (New York), CCC (Milpitas), DCCC (Davis), CBCR (Virginia), ECAC (Edmonton), NRAC (Vancouver) 

Media Outlets:

  • KTSF TV (Biggest Asian TV station in the US) - Cantonese and Mandarin talks (24+ episodes)

  • Sing Tao Chinese Radio in the US - (Cantonese)

  • UChannel Online TV  (Mandarin, 2 times)

  • Baby and Me online group  (Mandarin)

Mon - Mentor Coach
Mentor Coach

Hi, I'm Mon! I'm originally from Hong Kong but have been living in California since 2017. In Hong Kong, I was a secondary school teacher with a master's degree in counseling. I also have 8 years of supervised training and professional experience in play therapy. In my work, I help children and students to deal with their emotional and behavioral issues. My husband and I have one daughter and one son who are currently attending middle school. When I have free time, I like playing games with my kids, jogging, hiking, and cooking.


I love kids and I am passionate about helping them grow up to be happy and mentally healthy. I view life like a tree and I believe a happy and healthy childhood is the root system of that tree. These little trees need to be nourished with a warm, loving, and accepting environment. If parents can provide such an environment, children will have a good foundation to grow up naturally. From my personal experience as a mother, counselor, and educator, I know that being a parent is very challenging. I would like to provide parents with effective parenting skills to deal with daily struggles and my main goal is to help parents build closer relationships with their children so they can nourish each little tree to grow up and live abundantly.

Candy Chan Bio
Some of Our Coaches:
Lillian Lai

Lillian Lai

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(Fluent in Cantonese & English)

Cathy Tanguma

Cathy Tanguma
Mentor Coach
Seasoned School Counselor

(Fluent in English & Spanish)

Amy DuBose
Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 3.26.37 PM.png

Amy DuBose

Educator w/ Counseling Background (Fluent in English & French)

Kristy Wong
Seasoned Educator

(Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, & English)

June Peng

June Peng
Emotional and Spiritual Health Coach

(Fluent in English & Mandarin)

Tracy F.jpeg

Tracy Favorite
Seasoned School Counselor & former K teacher

(Fluent in English)

Heidi Cheung

Heidi Cheung
Seasoned Educator

(Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, & English)

Admin and Technical Team
Ada Lee

Ada Lee


Elizabeth Li

Elizabeth Li


Hanyi Chrisman

Hanyi Chrisman

Parent Volunteer


Shirley Yeung

Parent Volunteer

David Lin
Screen Shot 2023-10-22 at 1.02.18 PM.png

David W. Lin


Tech & Business Strategy

Founder, Microsoft Accelerator in China

Co-Founder and President, D&R Associates LLC

Former Chairman and CEOEshine Inc

Former Principal PM, Microsoft AI chatbot

Former Venture Partner, Ironfire Capital

Anabel L. Jensen, Ph. D.

(UC Berkeley)

Curriculum & Business Development 

Pioneer in Emotional Intelligence Education

Co-Founder & President, Six Seconds

Professor Emeritus, NDNU

Co-Founder & Board Member, Synapse School

Former Executive Director, Nueva School

Rossana Lin

Rossana Lin


Parenting & Education

MIT's Former China Education Council Regional Chair

Renowned author and national speaker on marriage, family, and education 

Author of 5 best-selling parenting books

Screen Shot 2023-11-14 at

Paulina Olsson

Curriculum & Business Development 

Co-founder and CEO of Peppy Agency

Board Member, Six Seconds

Peppy Pals, Former Co-Founder,

Chief Marketing Officer, & CEO

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