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Affordable EQ Parent-Child Coaching

Emotional Intelligence (EI/EQ) is the foundation for critical skills!

  • EQ shapes every word and action!

  • High EQ students excel in school and beyond! (GreatSchools, 2015)

  • 90% of top performers have high EQ! (Forbes, 2023)

Lerning Paths

EQ Support for Everyone

Every Plan Includes:

  • A customized growth plan for you and your child

  • Language and skills that build EQ and confidence

  • Built and tested by STANFORD, MIT, UC BERKELEY, and CUHK Parents

  • Designed by Parents for Parents

  • Cancel anytime


    Flexible Advanced Rescheduling

EQ Workshops

  • $25/workshop

  • Complete on your own time

  • Tools and skills you can use right away

Small Group Coaching

  • $45/week 

  • 1 hour or less

  • 2 parent-child pairs

  • Ask about special pricing for larger groups!

Private Coaching

  • $65/week 

  • 1 on 1 Coaching

  • 30 minutes for lifelong success

Start Your Free Consultation

Get a Customized Growth Plan to Help You Become a Confident Parent & Discover Your Child's Inner World

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