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How It Works

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The Hoppity Learning method is aligned with the Three Principles from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University to IMPROVE OUTCOMES for children.  

1)  Supportive and Responsive Relationship:

Hoppity coaches children to express feelings and thoughts with their parents to cultivate a supportive and responsive parent-child relationship.

2)  Core Life Skills:

Hoppity teaches children Emotional Intelligence/social-emotional learning skills, to be happy, confident, and resilient at home and at school. 

3)  Stress Relievers:

Hoppity reduces parents' and children's stress by meeting with our professional coach every week to receive teaching and guidance.

The Hoppity Learning Method

Hoppity Learning Method

At Hoppity Learning,

  • Each child starts with a National-Level Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Assessment to see where the child stands compared to peers in the US.

  • Each family is assigned a dedicated coach, who's an experienced professional in childhood education.

  • Each month, the coach meets with you and your child in three weekly 25-minute 1-on-1 online coaching sessions to teach Emotional Intelligence/social-emotional learning (SEL) skills on a selected monthly topic.

  • After finishing one monthly topic, the coach meets with parents during the monthly parent-only session to monitor the child's progress and select the next topic.

There are 16+ essential topics for you to choose from to help your child succeed now and in the future.

Children Reading the Holy Bible

Customized Topics
Relevant to Your Child's Situation

Active Listening




Anxiety Management

Anger Management

Managing Disappointment

Strengths and Challenges


Growth Mindset



Conflict Resolution


Set Goals and Plans




Happy Family


On average, we see the following changes in our children and parents:

  • 3 Months: Positive changes in children's behaviors 

  • 6 Months: Confident parents, especially in setting limits + noticeably closer bonding from the eyes of the children 

  • 9 Months: Whole family experience by swapping the session with another parent/caregiver (e.g., some dads told us that they now know what to say to their children that is beneficial to them.)

  • 12 Months: Happier, confident, and resilient children with the newly acquired skills in friendship and conflict resolutions.

  • 16 Months: children and parents are equipped with higher executive function skills such as time management, and continue to have an open-communication relationship.


Hoppity Learning will continue to provide various support to our alumni through our Coach-In-Training small groups and social media platforms.

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