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Collaboration for School Success
- Kindergarten Readiness & Beyond

It is the Common Goal of Schools, Teachers, Parents, Children, and Hoppity Learning for Every Child to Achieve School Success WITHOUT Stress!

According to CASEL's National Teacher Survey in 2013, "Eight in ten teachers (81 percent) say a lack of skills reinforcement at home is a big challenge for their school trying to implement SEL ..."


From our interactions with parents, we've seen their genuine eagerness to learn and grow, yet they often feel overwhelmed by the multitude of resources available or feel lost by not knowing where to start.


To simplify this process, we are committed to providing the following services:​​

  • Parenting Workshops

  • Classroom Management Skills for Teachers

  • National-level SEL Assessment (K to 8th Grade)

  • Private Online EQ Parent-Child Coaching (Pre-K to 6th Grade)

These are grounded in the most effective science-based methods, focusing on essential developmental areas such as brain, cognitive, social, and emotional development, alongside behavioral and mental wellness.


Our aim is to support both parents and teachers in this important journey.


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Sample Collaborations

Thanks Hoppity Learning for hosting the insightful and engaging seminar tonight with Bilin Academy! It's the most interactive and fun parenting seminar I ever had!

Huayi He
Co-founder and CEO
Bilin Academy

This seminar was so good and I will also share it with our staff! I’m so grateful for God connecting us at MCS!

Megan Jalali
Milpitas Christian School

Our staff and families gave very good feedback about Hoppity's sessions.

Thank you!

Sujatha Namboodiri
Director and Owner
Vidyarambh Preschools

Thank you Hoppity Learning and all of our attendees for an evening of informative parent-child communication strategies as part of MCS's ongoing parenting education series.

J. Alex Lovo
Head of School
Milpitas Christian School

Rave Reviews
from School Leaders

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