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School Students


  • Who are Hoppity Learning coaches?
    Our coaches are professionals in childhood education. All of them have years of experience working with young children and parents. We select coaches based on their proven track record, patience with children, passion in teaching, and parenting knowledge.
  • Do both parents need to attend the coaching sessions?
    We understand that parents are busy. Most families in our program have one parent attend most of the sessions with the child. The other parent can keep track of the progress through the other parent and our lesson plan, and also join some of the sessions when available.
  • Who should sign up for Hoppity Learning's service?
    Any family who wants to enrich their parent-child relationship and promote healthy brain development for their child is welcome to join our service. While we want to help all families, we recommend children with diagnosed developmental disorders such as ADHD to seek help from a medical professional.
  • My family is doing fine. Will Hoppity Learning's service still help me?
    Yes, definitely! Parents and children from thriving families often learn new skills to take things up another level through our program. They also enjoy the guidance and companionship of our coaches.
  • How does Hoppity Learning help me and my child?
    Research has shown that childhood environments and experiences shape a child's learning capacities, behaviors, and physical and mental health across the lifespan. Hoppity Learning's vision is to help parents foster a healthy growth environment for their children, so their children can build a healthy brain architecture to achieve their full potential.
  • What is in a customized growth plan?
    A customized growth plan contains behavioral and academic goals for the child, and also target parenting skills for the parents. With the exception of the first two months' topics, other monthly topics are selected based on the monthly discussion between the coach and parents. Take a look at some of our success stories to get a better understanding of what some of these topics may entail.
  • Why "Feelings" is the FIRST MONTH's topic?
    "Behind each child's behavior, there is an unspoken need. To determine the need, parents can help children articulate their thoughts and feelings using words by giving them the tools to do so. The Emotions and Feelings lesson will guide parents and children to clearly express their thoughts and feelings so they both feel acknowledged and heard. The ability to express thoughts and feelings provides the foundation for an open parent-child communication."
  • Why "Empathy" is the SECOND MONTH's topic?
    "Children can be self-motivated, once their thoughts and feelings are understood by parents. It is also important for children to understand their parents' feelings, such as worry. When children sense that their thoughts and feelings are understood and validated by the parents, they will feel more loved and safe to share more with parents. The topic on Empathy will give both the child and the parents a month to digest and learn the skills to look for and feel things from the other person's perspective. This helps them connect and establish a trusted channel of communication. More importantly, we want to help children understand that all of their parents' actions are out of LOVE."
  • What does a typical session look like?
    In each session, your coach will teach your child appropriate social-emotional learning skills using fun and engagement methods. Your coach will also help you and your child apply essential parent-child communication skills such as appreciation in your day-to-day life with your child.
  • Do I get credit for referring friends to Hoppity Learning?
    Yes, we love to see more families benefit from our service! Please ask your friends to tell us about the referral. After the new family signs up to our monthly service, they will receive a $50 credit, and you will receive a $50 credit. There is no limit on the amount of credits you can receive, so referring a few friends per month can mean receiving your own sessions for free.
  • What is the difference between a parent coaching service and Hoppity Learning?
    Other parenting coaches often charge hundreds of dollars an hour to solve particular problems. At Hoppity Learning, we promote positive whole-child, whole-family growth rather than just solving problems as they arise. We also believe strongly that our service is critical for the society, so we offer it at a very affordable rate to allow more families to benefit from it. Compared to other parenting group classes, seminars, and books, our 1-on-1 parent-child coaching is much more personalized and effective. Every child is unique. We provide a customized growth path and life applications, based on our monthly parent-only meeting with you, to help your child thrive.
  • Is there any practice for me and my child?
    Your coach will suggest activities you can do with your child over the week at the end of each session. These activities are meant to be short (a few minutes) but will make a huge impact in your child's life.
  • How long does it take to graduate from the Hoppity Learning program?
    Your coach will focus on teaching your child one social-emotional learning skill each month. There are 16 traits you can equip you and your child with. The entire program takes around 1.5 years to complete.
  • What technology setup do I need to have at home?
    We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer capable of running Zoom. Mobile devices often don't provide the best learning experience.
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