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Science of Learning


Prepare Your Child for a Successful Future

At Hoppity Learning, we believe every child deserves to learn Emotional Intelligence skills to ensure a successful future.

“A focus on these skills drives positive academic outcomes, behavioral outcomes, long-term outcomes, relationships with adults, and more...”

Dr. Stephanie Jones

Director of the EASEL Lab

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Prepare your child for successful future
Prefrontal Cortex

Children Lack Emotional Intelligence Skills Due to an Immature Brain 

“The prefrontal cortex matures last, not finishing until after age 25.”

Harvard Medical School’s News & Research on Oct. 17, 2014


As a result, children’s attention, judgment, and emotion regulation can fall short of parents’ expectations and cause behavior concerns at home and at school.

Teen Prayer Group

Missing Skills Can Be Taught and Learned

Emotional Intelligence skills can be built through Hoppity Learning's parent-child coaching.

Emotional Intelligence

Parents Can Shape Children's Brain Development

"Healthy brain development in babies and young children requires the consistent availability of a stable, responsive, and supportive relationship with at least one parent or primary caregiver."

Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D., Founding Director
Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

Brain ability to change in reponse to experiences

Young Children's Brains Are Easier to Shape

"It is easier and less costly to form strong brain circuits during the early years than it is to intervene or “fix” them later."

Center on the Developing Child, Harvard University

We focus on young children from Pre-K to 6th Grade because their brains are easier to shape. Parents can easily see transformations in their children's behaviors when both parents and children apply Hoppity Learning's skills.

Young Children Can Absorb Fast

Another reason we target young children is because they can master executive function skills such as self-control faster than other age groups.

Source: Weintraub et al.,  (2011)
Young children can absorb fast
School Children

Hoppity is Here to Help Your Child Succeed

The good news is that Hoppity Learning is here to help! Based on the latest research studies on child and brain developments, we have carefully crafted a method to help your child succeed NOW and in the FUTURE! 

"To build better futures, we need to build better brains."

Palix Foundation

Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

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