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"Will dad's strictness, mom's anxiety, & kid's tantrum affect admission to prestigious schools?" 蒋佩蓉
MIT's former China Education Council Regional Chair
(Chief Undergrad. Admission Alumni Interviewer Chair)

"How to successfully 'change' a child's behavior?"
Dr. Janice Prochaska & 
Dr. James Prochaska

World Renowned Behavioral Change Experts
The co-inventor of "5 Stages of Change"


"How can parents motivate their children?"
Dr. Richard Ryan
World Renowned Human Motivation Expert
The co-developer of "Self-Determination Theory"


Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) partners with the HARVARD CENTER ON THE DEVELOPING CHILD, the ASSOCIATION OF FACULTIES OF MEDICINE OF CANADA, and various government, healthcare, and academic professionals, to improve outcomes in health and well-being for children and families. Hoppity Learning has AFWI's permission to share their public info with you.


刺激幼兒大腦發育有哪些方式? (廣東話)

Brief Brain Development Intro + Activities for Ages 0 to 5 (English)


12 Questions You Should Ask Your Kids at the Dinner Table

Tricks for Teaching Kids Time Management

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"The University of Oxford, in partnership with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, is working to share knowledge about the science of brain development for families and professionals. This is important information for everybody to understand how our earliest experiences can affect our long-term mental and physical health." - Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI)

Check out how much you know about your child's brain development by filling out this survey!


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